About Fleck

About “Fleck” – Recreational Music Teacher for Adults and Teens. He plays and teaches piano, guitar, hand drums, dulcimer, and is generally a global citizen of the musical world.

As the only piano tuner on the beach,  Fleck not only enjoys working on pianos but loves to play them, too!  He graduated with a degree in music education from the University of New Hampshire, and is a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technician’s Guild. 

Fleck has served our local community for the past decade as a church and wedding pianist, by playing for both rock and jazz bands, and by accompanying musicals for Theatre of Dare. You can also find Fleck leading drum circles around town, or playing a variety of other instruments for local yoga studios. Check out the Bohemian Song Society Community Drum Circle, held every last Friday evening at Dowdy Park in Nags Head.

Fleck continues to grow as a musician by attending workshops led by the likes of Victor Wooten and Anthony Wellington. As a lifelong learner of music, he is currently studying classical guitar to stretch his comfort zone. This, he feels, helps to maintain a beginner’s mindset, to better relate with students of all abilities.