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Classical, jazz, theater, rock, pop and folk music. Our wonderful faculty of well-trained, highly experienced teachers offers excellent musical training to students of all ages, stages and musical interests. Start your musical journey today. 252-207-3868!

Lifelong musical teaching artists Gordon Kreplin and Cathy Pescevich Kreplin lead the team at Ascencion Music Academy.

Together, we have built a music school where students of all levels and music interests are welcome.  Classical, jazz, rock, pop, commercial, folk and world musicians are equally at home with us. Our youngest students are toddlers and our most mature are in their 80s. Our teachers guide you towards mastering technique, literacy and musicianship. We’ll help you find the joy in performance and in music-making. 

Play WINDS – Flutes and Recorders. Play GUITAR in Classical, Pop, Rock, Jazz and Acoustic styles. Learn to SING in contemporary commercial, classical, and theatrical styles, and more.  Study PIANO! We teach classical and jazz styles, as well as practical piano skills for all musiciansLearn to WRITE MUSIC. Enjoy RECREATIONAL MUSIC for adults. Introduce your YOUNG CHILD to music. Explore Banjo, Ukulele, Dulcimer, Hand Percussion, Lute and more.

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Excellence in Music Teaching and Learning on the Outer Banks.