Private Lesson Tuition

Private Lesson Tuition



  • PRIVATE LESSON TUITION is paid monthly, in advance. Tuition is due the first week of the month.
  • Monthly tuition rates are flat, meaning, tuition does not vary according to the number of lessons attended in a month. Students enjoy an average of four lessons each month, and an average of 48 lessons throughout the year. There may be as few as two and as many as five lessons in any given month. Pay tuition online on our sign up/pay tuition page. In-person at the studio, we accept cash or checks. We extend discounts to those paying three months or more at a time – call or email for details.
  • Ascencion Music Academy’s academic year for private lessons runs from September to September – we teach all year long! Our faculty keep their own calendars. Please work with your teacher(s) for scheduling of regular lessons, makeups, and breaks.
  • Students will occasionally need to purchase materials to support their studies.
  • Annually, in September, each student is responsible to pay a $25 yearly studio fee.  Please include this with your September tuition.
  • Related Fees include: monthly instrument rental, instrument deposit, festival and competition fees. Click here to pay these.

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Monthly Tuition

Discount available for three months or more paid in advance – please call 252-955-0706, Weekly 30-minute lessons, Weekly 45-minute lessons, Weekly 60-minute lessons, Annual Studio Fee

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