Music study takes time, perseverance and continuity. Ascencion Music Academy provides music education year-round for an anticipated average of 48 lessons per student per year. Your spot is reserved for you on an ongoing basis and is understood to be unavailable to others. Tuition is paid in advance, on a monthly basis. Twenty-four (24) hours advance notice of absence is expected.

Pay tuition here. Your tuition payment is due during the first week of each month.


Ascencion Music Academy provides year-round music instruction; students receive an average of 4 lessons per month, 48 per year. Regular practicing and regular attendance at lessons lead to musical success; we teachers prepare for you and look forward to seeing you each week throughout the year. 

One academy-wide break occurs during the last week of December. Individual teachers’ schedules vary. Please confer with your teacher regarding holidays, scheduled breaks and attendance questions.


Your lesson appointment time is reserved for you every week and is understood to be unavailable to others.  Twenty-four (24) hours advance notice of absence is expected.  Last minute notice of absence, or a “no show” – being absent without having called in advance- for any reason, disqualifies a student from having makeup time.  Two “no-shows” in a row are interpreted as a student’s wishing to resign lessons; the reserved time slot is relinquished and made available to others and no refunds or makeups are available.


Tuition covers an average of four lessons per month, 48 lessons per year. One month of lessons generally means four lessons, but occasionally it means fewer or more, dependent upon calendar, holidays, etc. Tuition is always the same monthly flat fee regardless, meaning, tuition does not vary with the number of lessons in a month. Any fifth lesson in a month is considered to be “in the bank” for makeup purposes.  Individual makeups due to absence for illness or travel are scheduled on a case-by-case basis, at the teacher’s discretion.  The Academy may also workshops on topics of general music value at no additional cost to students; these global makeup days serve as an alternative to individual makeup lessons.


Ascencion Music Academy (usually) holds student concert performances in December or January and June of each year.  Lots of additional performance opportunities arise and vary from year to year through our Music Ambassador program.  All students are welcome, but never required, to participate.  All rehearsal time and associated costs for presenting student concerts are borne by the Academy; there are no additional costs to students for participating in performances. Family, friends and neighbors are all welcome to attend, free of charge.


A $25 studio fee is assessed once per year, and is payable in September by each student.  In addition, student purchase of books and music will be necessary from time to time. Pay annual studio fee here.


Ascencion Music Academy has student guitars, keyboards and flutes available for short-term rental (three to six months) at the nominal charge of $10 per month.  This is so our students can start with music study even if they do not yet own an instrument. It is understood that the instruments remain the property of the Academy, and that students will be good stewards of the instruments while in their care. At the end of the agreed time, instruments are to be returned to the Academy in the same good condition in which they were first provided. Pay instrument rental here.


Your personal data will be used to take your registration, process your payments, and support your experience using this website and at the Academy. While we do make use of your information for internal administrative, financial and notification purposes, we do not reveal your personal data to outside organizations.

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