Music Program for Young Children

Music Program for Young Children

We are about the process of music-making with young children, rather than music performance. Students in our music program for young children discover their own musicality and learning musical concepts and skills in age-appropriate, holistic ways. Children ages 15 months to eight years old journey gently from guided musical play through independent learning in a group, to the formality of private lessons. Click for a detailed description of our children’s music program.

Music is its own reward. Register today! 

Hearing and responding back to melodic patterns with the voice and to rhythmic patterns with instruments, experiencing a steady beat in body movements, listening closely to sounds to identify them, telling stories through sound and movement, dancing, singing folk songs and lullabies from around the world – these are just a few of the ways in which our youngest musicians begin developing their musicianship and musical skills. One child’s response to a new song might be singing, while another child’s equally good response might be listening. Music is its own reward. We look forward to watching your children grow in so many ways! We welcome your questions, comments, and lovely stories! 

Academy Contact Information: Cathy Pescevich Kreplin, Co-director [email protected]  252-955-0706

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