Music Classes for Children

Music Classes for Children at Ascencion Music Academy

Small Fries, children ages 4 to 7, in music class.

Our music classes for children are given by teachers degreed in music, certified in early childhood music education. We guide the development of your child’s musicianship over time in quality music programs.  The earlier your child begins, the more abundantly the music flows!



  • Ages: Small Fries (ages 4-7), Early Birds (ages 3-5 years), Toddlers (15-36 months).
  • Format: Group classes, maximum of eight children. Once-weekly for 30-45 minutes. Rolling, month-to-month basis throughout the year.
  • Style: Age-appropriate, holistic general music. LEARN MORE.
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  • Children’s Music Faculty: Fleck, Cathy Pescevich Kreplin

Benefits of Music Education for Young Children

Our children’s music classes are for littles ages 15 months through seven years. Put your child on an exciting path of lifelong music making, starting early in life. The benefits of music education are many. Music immerses the child in language, enhances brain functioning, and fosters physical coordination. Music improves overall development and decreases learning problems. Music has even been connected with resiliency—the ability to bounce back after a disturbing event. 

What to Expect

Children of the age for Toddler Music (15 to 36 months) learn best through informal play; parents participate fully with their children. Those ready for Early Bird Music (ages three through five) learn with more emphasis on structure and specific instruments – piano, guitar and drums. Parents participate optionally at this stage. Students in Small Fries (ages four through seven) learn specific instruments independently of parents. Piano, guitar and drums are played in each class; we also give an introduction to written music rudiments. 

TODDLER MUSIC, for ages 15 – 36 months

Taught by a certified teacher, with Musikgarten curriculum. Musikgarten is one of the leaders in early childhood music instruction, offering a carefully researched and sequenced curriculum designed to tap into inborn skills of every child – the ability to sing on pitch, imitate gesture, keep a steady beat. Teacher, students and parents wiggle and giggle together on a child-centered path of musical experience.

EARLY BIRDS, for children ages three to five years

Children playing guitar in music class

Children develop early musicianship skills through hands on piano, guitar and drums in each session.  Parental participation is optional at this state.  We encourage you to sometimes stay and play (space-permitting), sometimes stay and observe, and sometimes drop off!

SMALL FRIES, for ages four to seven years

Our group general music classes for children really ramp up those early musicianship skills. Piano, guitar and drums are our central instruments of instruction in the classroom.  These older pre-schoolers and early elementary schoolers also study rhythmic movement, playing by ear, playing from notation, ensemble performance and improvisation.  Their musical skills are being readied in preparation for private music study.  These classes are limited in size to a maximum of six children. One lead teacher and one assistant “team-teach” for maximum quality of instruction. Parents drop the children off for independent learning.

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