Beyond Teaching

Creative Work Beyond Teaching

Our creative work beyond teaching takes us in a variety of exciting artistic directions. Browse and learn.

  • Enjoy student performances online! These are private – you must have the password to view.
  • Book a concert, workshop or residency. Guitarist Gordon Kreplin, Music Director Cathy Pescevich Kreplin, or Duo Romantico.  252-207-3868
  • Hear sample recordings and view Gordon Kreplin’s photographic art portfolio.
  • Learn about luthier-made guitars.
  • Tuning and restoring pianos.
  • Artists Gordon Kreplin and Cathy Pescevich Kreplin appear courtesy of Ascencion Recordings Inc.

    • Guitar performances by Gordon Kreplin
    • Voice and Flute performances by Cathy Pescevich Kreplin
    • Photographic Art by Gordon Kreplin
    • Audio/Video recording & editing by Cathy Pescevich Kreplin

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